Use CloudLink with a Fixed Camera View

Start a new CloudLink session with a static camera view (No AutoFollow)

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Below is a step-by-step process to receive a CloudLink feed with Fixed View to your external program via RTSP

Step 1: Check your Scene is Ready for CloudLink RTSP

  • Navigate to your scenes tab in Spiideo Perform

  • The highlighted column 'CloudLink Ready' will reflect a green tick if your scene is available for CloudLink RTSP

  • If you do not see this, you should reach out to Spiideo Support

Step 2: Start a Recording in Spiideo Perform

  • Open the Spiideo Perform web app and start a recording on your scene

  • If you are unfamiliar with any step to start a recording, you can watch a video here for a refresher

Step 3: Access the RTSP Link

You can now click 'Live Tagging' on your live recording

Click the 'i' in the top right and then 'CloudLink'

Step 4: Configure your Fixed View

  • Click 'Configure view' to configure your fixed camera view

  • Click and drag the camera in the video window to aim, scroll to zoom the camera

  • Once happy with your Fixed view, click 'Done'

Step 5: Retrieve and Use the RTSP Link

  • Once generated, you can copy the RTSP link from the highlighted box

  • If you wish to adjust the Fixed view you set, do so by returning to 'Configure view'

  • Reconfiguring the Fixed view on your recording will not generate a new RTSP link. You will see the camera move to the reconfigured view in your external program

With the copied RTSP link, you can now add this into your external program.

Has your question not been answered from the above information? Please reach out to Support via the chat in the bottom right corner.

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