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Camera System Notifications in Perform

Get notified right away when your camera systems encounter any sort of connectivity issue

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Camera system notifications are a great way to get notified of any connection issues immediately to ensure your arenas are always online and ready for upcoming broadcasts.

In this article, we will cover the different types of notifications and when they are triggered. Notifications are typically sent to two groups of people:

  • Internal: Members of your Spiideo Perform account

  • External: Non-members (Example: IT responsible for venue)

1. Account Level Notifications

Internal or external people are notified if any scene (i.e. venue) within the account encounters some sort of issue (cameras losing network/power).

All administrators of the account will have this feature enabled. See steps below for how to enable and disable notifications.

Step 1: Go to your notifications settings in the Scenes tab and click 'Add notification recipient'

Step 2: Add a notification recipient

Step 3: Enable via toggle for that email to start receiving notifications

2. Scene level notifications

This type of notification will send alerts only for that scene

Step 1: Navigate to the Scenes tab and then the intended scene

Step 2: Click on the notifications settings for scene and 'Add notification recipient'

Step 3: Enable notifications via toggle for added user

3. What Triggers a Notification?

Today we send notifications for two occasions:

  1. When a scene has gone offline/online

  2. When an offline scene has a scheduled recording coming up soon

Scene Online/Offline

  1. We send out a notification to our customers when a scene has gone offline, or has come online again

  2. To avoid dozens of notifications, the Scene must be in the changed state (Online -> Offline, Offline -> Online) for 1 hour before the customer is notified

Scheduled Recording

  1. We notify customers about upcoming recordings on Offline scenes

  2. These notifications are sent at specific intervals before the recording start, which are

    • 24 hours before recording

    • 12 hours before recording

    • 6 hours before recording

    • 3 hours before recording

    • 1 hours before recording

    • 30 minutes before recording

    • 10 minutes before recording

If you disable your alerts, you and others will not be notified if cameras go offline before important games. Unfortunately, Spiideo cannot recover footage if cameras were offline

Any further questions? Please contact Spiideo support!

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