Raw Camera Feed via RTSP

How to use and access the RTSP

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Raw Camera Feed via RTSP

Using RTSP, you can take the raw feed from any Spiideo camera into an external program of your choice.

a. Features and Functionality

Using this functionality, you can send the raw footage from your cameras into an external software. This will provide camera footage with:

  • No AutoFollow, pan, tilt or zoom

  • Footage from a single IP camera

  • Zero latency

  • Use case: perfect for adding multiple camera feeds in addition to the CloudLink RTSP AutoFollow view in Sportscode, Angles, or other tools

b. Requirements

To receive the raw feed of a Spiideo camera via RTSP, you will need:

  • A device with your external program that can receive an RTSP feed

  • connected to the same network that the camera is on

c. How to access Raw Camera Feed

Below is a step-by-step process to receive a raw camera feed to your device via RTSP.

Step 1. Start a Recording in Spiideo Perform

  • Open the Spiideo Perform web app and starting a recording on your scene

  • If you are unfamiliar with any step to start a recording, you can watch a video here for a refresher

Step 2. Access the RTSP information

Open the 'Live Tagging' button on the ongoing recording

Click the 'i' in the top right corner

Click the RTSP button

You will receive the above pop up with information to connect to each individual camera on your scene. The information is as followed:

  1. Name of the camera

  2. RTSP link to camera

  3. Username

  4. Password

You should enter the above information, per camera, into your external software. If your software only accepts a single link input, you should use the following format:


The 'IP Address' is contained in the RTSP link to the camera, so from the above image it would be:

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