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Manage Existing User Invites

How to manage existing user invites in Spiideo Perform

Updated over a week ago

To manage your existing user invites, navigate to the invites tab within the Members tab:

Here you can see all invites currently active on your account. You can also:

  1. Edit an existing invite

  2. Revoke an existing invite

Edit an Invite

To edit an invite, click on the invite to open the edit screen:

Here you can see information about:

  • To whom/where the invite was sent

  • Change the role assigned

  • Change the groups to be added to

Once finished, click 'Save' to finalise your changes.

Revoke an Invite

To revoke an invite, you can select the invite(s) from the 'Invites' view in the members tab. Then, you can click 'Revoke':

Have further questions? Reach out to support via the chat in the bottom right corner!

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