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Create your User Account
Create your User Account

How to create a user account for Spiideo Perform

Updated over a week ago

When starting with Spiideo, you will need to create your user account in order to be added to a team/organization account.


1. Create your User

You have two pathways to creating your user, they are detailed below

a. Via Admin Invite

Please first reach out to an admin or coach of your team/organization account and ask them to send an invite via email or link. If you are an admin and want to do this for your users, read here.

Users will receive a link or an email invite to your nominated email address, it will look like this once you follow the invite:

If you already have a Spiideo User created, you can click to sign in. If not, here is where you can create your user account. Below this, you have 3 options. They are:

  1. Create account with Google

  2. Create account with Apple

  3. Create account with Email and Password

Please choose an option and follow the instructions.

Important Note: You must always login with the same option in the future, you cannot change your login type.

i. Further steps for Email + Password

Once you click 'Create Account', you will be diverted to a verification screen that looks as followed:

In another tab, open your email entered on the previous screen. You will receive a verification code from Spiideo (check your spam if you do not see this). Please type this code in the section above and click 'verify'.

2. Important Login Information

Please note, it is important that you remember which of the 3 methods you chose to create your account (Google, Apple or Email + Password).

You must always login using the same method in the future. Using another method will result in an error

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