Spiideo Perform has two types of roles:

  • Admins: manage the entire account and have access to all groups and uploaded/recorded video material.

  • Members: have access to the content shared to them only and cannot edit or create new content


1. Members Tab Overview

Our updated members tab gives you more functionality and control over users on your account. From this tab, you can Add new members, Remove members, See account Invites and See members usage

The members tab is broken down as followed:

  1. Add Members here

  2. Account Membership overview

  3. Account invites overview (further information below)

  4. Member name and select

  5. Members' account email

  6. Members role in account

  7. Recordings started by Member

You also have an overview of all invites created for your teams/organisations account via the 'Invites' tab. This tab looks as followed and shows a general overview of current and old invites

Included is the functionality of editing and/or deleting existing invites, do this by clicking on the specific invite. This looks as followed:

2. Adding Administrators and Members

As an admin on the account, you can add another admin or user by logging in to Spiideo Perform on the desktop website and then clicking the Members tab on the left side menu.

You have two options for adding new Members:

  1. Invite by email

  2. Invite by link

Invite by email

Inviting by email allows you to send a direct email to the user, whether they have a Spiideo account created already or not.

Through this option, you:

  1. The full email of the user (this is/will be the email for their Spiideo account)

  2. Choose their role (Member or Admin)

  3. Pre-add them to any groups

Click add and the user will receive an invite email

Invite by Link

Invite by link allows you to create a link that multiple users can follow in order to join your team/organisation account.

Through this option, you:

  1. Choose the role the users will have (Member or Admin)

  2. Pre-add user to groups

  3. Choose who can access this link

  4. Choose when the link expires

3. To Remove Administrators and Members

  1. Navigate to the Members tab on the left of the screen

  2. Tick the box for the administrator or member(/s) you'd like to remove and press 'Delete'

  3. Select a user their content will be migrated to (all content created by the to-be-removed user will be transferred to whomever you select)

  4. Remove the User

4. Functionality Available Only to Administrators

Administrators have full access to the account and can control the following:

  • Access to Groups: create new groups, remove groups, add/remove members of groups)

  • Access to Scenes: give access to users to start recordings

  • Access to Recordings: can see all recordings, and if needed delete any recording to free up space

  • Access to Quotas: can track how many hours you are allowed to record and also store in the Spiideo cloud

  • Access to Administrators: can add/remove other Admins

5. Best Practise

Typically clubs and organisations give admin rights to users such as:

  1. Coaches

  2. Managers

  3. Athletic Directors

  4. Video Analysts

  5. Upper Management

💁 If you have further questions, take a look at the following article and if needed reach out to support via the chat in the bottom right corner:

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