Calibration Image not Loading

Calibration image failing to load when attempting to calibrate your Portable SmartCam

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The first step when calibrating your Portable SmartCam is to upload a live image from the camera. During this process, you may experience a failure to load a live image.

If the loading of a live image fails, check the following:

1. Try loading a live image again

The live image is a large file which can sometimes time out when loading. If you first experience a failure to load the live image, please retry once or twice.

2. Ensure the camera is still connected

The green light on the side of your camera should be solid. If it is not, return to the Portable SmartCam setup menu and reconnect the camera

3. Check network connection

Check that your camera has connection via the Portable SmartCam Setup menu. If your live image continuously fails to load, we advise switching to another network type.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the Spiideo iOS app

If you are having persistent failures when loading a live image, please perform a clean install of the Spiideo iOS app and try again.

Still encountering issues? Please reach out to Spiideo support and we'll be glad to help!

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