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What our AI-assisted drawing tools can do for your recordings and presentations

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Using AI tracking data, you can take advantage of a number of advanced tools to track singular and multiple players. Requirements for use are:

  • Check if your Spiideo Perform subscription has AI-assisted drawing tools active

  • A two camera S-Line or X-Line system or a D-Line

Disclaimer: If you meet the requirements above, you can use our AI-assisted drawing tools on any sport in both match and training recordings. Our internal AI tracking data differs from AutoData: Soccer LIVE and can currently track players for roughly 5 seconds


1. What is AI-assisted Drawing and Tracking?

Through integrated AI in our camera systems, we can track each player on the field or court in order to provide an advanced view of your players movement and actions on the field.

These tools are available on the Spiideo Perform Web App as well as the iOS app. They can be used in both presentations and recordings and allow you to:

  • Highlight individual players using a spotlight tool

  • Track a line of players as they move such as your defensive line

  • Track the space in between players such as passing triangles in football

2. AI Tracking Data vs AutoData: Soccer LIVE

Both AI tracking data and AutoData: Soccer LIVE can take advantage of our AI-assisted drawing tools. They differ in that AI tracking data can be used on all of your Spiideo Perform recordings in all sports. Performance will vary in ability to track players for extended periods of time.

If you would like to know more about what other features AutoData includes and what it can do for you, please contact your Sales Manager (Note: Only available for football matches)

3. Spotlight Tool

The Spotlight Tool allows you to shed a light halo over a player and follow that individual across the field. You can create the spotlight by clicking on a player and selecting the spotlight tool.

With the Spotlight Tool, you can:

  • Track an individual player

  • Track multiple players with more than one spotlight

  • Change the color of each spotlight

4. Connect and Measure

The connect and measure tool allows you to connect a line of players to track the distance between each. You can use this tool by selecting the first player in a line and then clicking on each subsequent player you would like included.

Note: You can change your unit of measurement via your name in the User section of the main menu

With the Connect and Measure tool, you can:

  • Track the distance between two or more players as they move

  • Track an infinite line of players

  • Track more than one line of players

  • Change the color of each connected line

5. Connected Area

The Connected Area tool allows you to track a space between selected players on the field. You can use this tool by selecting the first player as a starting point and then any other players for the space in between them.

Note: If more than 3 players are selected, the AI will lose any player that goes inside the tracked area

With the Connected Area tool, you can:

  • Track the space in between 3 or more players

  • Track the space between yours and opposition players

  • Track multiple areas at a time

  • Change the color of the tracked area

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