There are four important concepts to understand in order to work efficiently with the Spiideo system. The relationship between these four is shown in the picture below:

  • Spiideo users, Groups and Scenes are all connected to an Account.

  • The account is the organization that has purchased the Spiideo system.

  • The account is managed by one or more administrators, which are assigned by the club/organization.

Note: It is important to regularly go through which users that have access to accounts, groups and scenes to make sure that the right users have the right level of access. This is done by admins who have full control over an account and all of its properties.


1. Accounts

Your Spiideo account name can be found on the menu icon on the left. Accounts will have one or more administrators which have full control over the account.

In order to create your Spiideo account, you can sign up here. In order to be added to your Spiideo account, a system administrator will need to add you via the Administrators tab.

2. Administrators

Administrators have full control/access over the account and can do the following:

  • Access to Groups: create new groups, remove groups, add/remove members of groups)

  • Access to Scenes: give access to users to start recordings

  • Access to Quotas: can track how many hours you are allowed to record and also store in the Spiideo cloud

  • Access to Administrators: can add/remove other Admins and users

  • Access to Recordings: can see all recordings, and if needed delete any recording to free up space

Options available exclusively to administrators:

3. Spiideo Users

A Spiideo user is anyone that has created a personal Spiideo account. Users need to be added to an actual account (i.e. club, school, organization, etc.) by an administrator before getting access to any content.

  • A Spiideo user can be an Administrator or Member with no administrative access

  • If they are a Member, then the only thing they can access are recordings, presentations, and clip collections shared with them. Therefore, they must be added to a Group in order to have access to that content.

  • A Spiideo user can be logged into multiple devices at the same time. Recordings, presentations, user defined tag panels etc. is synced between the devices.

4. Groups

Groups are subsets of people in your account, that you would like to share recordings, presentations, clip collections and other content with.

  • Groups can be created by the system administrators

  • You can have unlimited number of users and groups (depends on subscription plan).

To create a new group, go to > Groups > Create a new group > Type in the name of the Group > Add all users you want to the group

IMPORTANT: In order to share any content in Spiideo to a Group, you must add yourself to the Group first! Once you add yourself to the Group, refresh the page, and you should now be able to share content with that Group.

Read more about Working with Groups.

5. Scenes

Any field/court/rink that you have cameras installed is called a Scene. In Spiideo, you will start/stop recordings on your Scenes.

  • Only users with assigned rights for the scene are able to make new recordings.

  • Access to cameras (i.e. the scene) to create new recordings is controlled by the system administrator.

  • New recordings will be stored in the currently active account, and affect the available quota for that account

  • To learn how to give users access to recording, you can read this article.

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