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Stream won't play or is buffering

Below is an overview of the most common reasons you may be experiencing issues when viewing games

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There are a few common reasons why there could be an issue when viewing your games.

  1. Unstable internet at the venue where the camera systems are installed. This is the most common and we try our best to make sure our customers install the cameras where there is stable internet speeds.

  2. Your internet speeds may be too slow. You need 5mbps download speeds in order to watch the game without any interruptions. You can check your connection speed here:

1. Unstable internet connection at the venue where the camera systems are installed

If you are experiencing buffering/spinning wheel it is likely due to slow network speeds at the venue where the camera systems are permanently installed. The sports organizations broadcast the game(s) are responsible for ensuring there is a stable network connection to the Spiideo camera systems at every venue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your games will NOT be lost. They will be viewable once the video fully uploads to our servers. We understand this is not ideal as you wanted to watch the live event; but you can also re-watch the recording once it's fully uploaded as many times as you'd like.

If you are very dissapointed that you could not watch the live stream, then you can contact to request a refund.

2. Your internet connection may be too slow

To stream Spiideo Play games without interruptions, you will need have a good internet connection of at least 8mbps download speed available.

You can test your internet speeds here:

3. Your device may not be compatible

Watching on your computer:

For the web player we recommend a use computer with these characteristics:


Core i5 8th generation


16 GB

Graphics system:

GeForce GTX 965M (or better)

or Radeon Pro 555X (or better)

Watching on mobile devices (iOS)

You can watch any game on your mobile device and should not experience any issues. If you are experiencing issues, you can email

Watching on a SmartTV

You can watch on a SmartTV via screen mirroring or a direct HDMI connection from the computer to the TV.

If you try to view the game on the browser of the SmartTV it will not work unfortunately. If you still want to watch on your SmartTV you will just need to mirror you screen instead.

If screen mirroring or HDMI does not work, please feel free to reach out to us at

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