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Controlling the time and score
Controlling the time and score

How to control the scoreboard in CloudStudio

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Controlling the time and score

Controlling the time & score is easy and something you can do from your mobile device (tablet) as well as on a desktop computer (web browser). See below.

Time and score CloudStudio ON site

Tip: Adjust the way the time will be displayed and how the score will be counted based on the requirements of the sport you are streaming. Multiple options are supported: Football, Handball, Ice-Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and many more.

Options to control Time and Score:

  • Game clock running forward

  • Backward counting game clock

  • Start, stop/pause, resume & reset the game clock

  • Set the game period

  • Add 1, 2 or 3 points to the score with one click

  • Correct the score if necessary

The same functions are available on CloudStudio Anywhere

Time and score CloudStudio Anywhere (OFF site)

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