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Multiple Productions on a Single Broadcast
Multiple Productions on a Single Broadcast

Create different stream types and send to multiple external streaming platforms with Multiproduction

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What is Multiproduction?

Multiproduction allows you to create three different stream types for the one broadcast:

  1. Enhanced - A complete broadcast experience with graphics and commentary (Maximum: 10)

  2. Clean - without graphics and commentary (Maximum: 10)

  3. Low Latency - minimal delay between live action and broadcast (Maximum: 1)

These three options can have up to 5 total outputs going to separate platforms per production (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)

Multiproduction is only available for Media Customers

Create Multiple Productions

Step 1:

Navigate to Broadcasts > Add a new broadcast > Complete up to Step 4

Step 2:

Here you can create your productions. The important points are:

  1. Name your production (only visible to you, not the viewer)

  2. Select stream type

  3. Choose a Storyboard and Graphics options (required)

  4. Set the RTMP and SRT outputs (Maximum 5 per production)

Click 'Create' once this production is complete

Step 3:

You can now:

  1. Add more productions to the broadcast

  2. View and edit details of created productions. This tile shows:

    1. Production name

    2. Stream type

    3. Chosen Storyboard

    4. Chosen Graphics

    5. Number of outputs

Once you are happy with all your productions, click 'Create' to create the broadcast.

Once created, you can cycle through all your productions and see the production details in the Broadcast Monitor view

Have further questions about Multiproduction? Please reach out to Spiideo support!

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