Install your Camera System Rain Cover

How to install your rain cover for S-Line and X-Line systems

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If you've received your rain covers for your Spiideo S-Line or X-Line camera systems, it is now time to install! This can be done while your camera system is mounted but we recommend bringing your camera system down from its mounting for best results.

Follow along with these steps to ensure a successful installation

1. Step One: Clean the Installation Surface

Once you have brought your camera rig down, you should clean off the installation surface. The surface you will be installing on is as shown in this image:

You can use cloth and water or an alcohol sanitizing wipe to clean the surface and then use another cloth to dry the surface entirely

2. Step Two: Loosen the Wing Bolts

Next, loosen the wing bolts on the rain cover that will help to hold down your camera rig. The wing bolts are here:

Loosen these so that the camera rig can be directly placed down.

3. Step Three: Test Align your Camera Rig on the Rain Cover

Before doing anything permanent, it is good to test which direction your rain cover will be installed. You can first place the rain cover on a flat surface with the yellow-backed tape facing up

Then, you will place the camera rig with the cameras pointing out towards the curved edge of the rain cover. Align this surface with the flat end of the rain cover as shown:

This is the correct alignment for your rain cover.

4. Step Four: Remove Yellow Backing of Tape

Now you're ready for the install. Firstly, remove the yellow backing on the double sided tape that is pre-attached to your rain cover:

5. Step Five: Place rig down on rain cover and tighten wing bolts

It is IMPORTANT to note that the tape is extremely strong and you will not be able to remove easily once placed.

Now place the rig down on the rain cover as shown below:

Press firmly and hold for 30 seconds to ensure tape sticks will. Then tighten wing bolts over the camera rig to secure. Your rain cover is now installed!

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