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Introduction to Spiideo Play for fans and viewers
What is Spiideo Play? Getting started for fans and viewers
What is Spiideo Play? Getting started for fans and viewers

Spiideo Play introduction and how our customers use our camera systems to automatically broadcast live sporting events

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Welcome to Spiideo Play for fans and viewers!

This article provides a general overview of how Spiideo Play works. To view more articles and questions around on viewing, scheduling, purchasing, and more, you can click/tap here to go back to the main Help Center page.

Below is the article overview:

1. What is Spiideo Play?

Spiideo Play is a software platform that allows schools, clubs, media companies and other sports organizations across the world to live stream their sporting events without a camera operator.

How does this work?

Our customers physically install our fixed camera systems at their venues. Our camera systems have built-in AI game tracking for automatically following the sports. This replaces the need for camera operators and empowers organizations to broadcast many more games than they may have been able to do in the past.

In Spiideo Play, we have built in tools to help these organizations:

  • Scheduling their games to their fans/viewers

  • Creating custom landing pages and Game Packages (i.e. Season Passes). Read more about Game Packages here.

  • Adding commentary and sponsors

  • Accepting payment from viewers

  • And a lot more

2. A platform for sports organizations to automate their broadcasting for fans/viewers

Spiideo Play is built for schools, clubs, media companies and other sports organizations to broadcast their games in a much easier, more efficient way.

In Spiideo Play, we have built tools allowing our customers to manage:

  • Scheduling and sharing links of their broadcasts to fans/viewers

  • Creating custom landing pages and Game Packages (i.e. Season passes). Read more about Game Packages here.

  • Add commentary and sponsors to their games

  • Accepting payment from viewers

  • And much more!

At Spiideo, we try to do our best to continue building new tools for our customers so they can better serve their audience/viewers (you).

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our product, so if you have any feedback around your experience viewing your games, please do not hesitate to reach out to

3. Purchasing and viewing your games

All games are streamed on the Spiideo Play player. You can watch your game on any device (iPhone, Android, Mac/PC, etc.).

There is no need to download any mobile applications. You simply need the Spiideo Play link that the organization streaming the event promoted, which you may find on their website, social media, mass email, or even a text from a friend/relative.

How to purchase access to your sporting events:

  1. Click on the URL link that was sent to you by the sports organization streaming the event. This link could be a Game Package which includes all games in the package (i.e. season pass) OR an individual game.

  2. Click on the game you are interested in watching

  3. Create your Spiideo account (this is necessary so that you can log in at a later time and still have access to your purchased games)

  4. Purchase your game

  5. You should now be able to view immediately and you will receive an automated email receipt from your purchase sent to the email you signed up with.

NOTE: You can always come back to the email and click on buttons in the email to go straight to your games.

TIP: Games are available up to 30 days, so you can even re-watch after the live stream is over!

4. Who to contact for Support?

  1. First line of support - organization that is responsible for broadcasting the event (our customers)

  2. Second line of support -

You can contact the customer scheduling and broadcasting the event (i.e. the school, club, or organization who promoted the event) when you have questions about:

  1. Scheduling of broadcasts, and the description of games

  2. Which teams are playing

  3. Games included in Game packages

NOTE: if you need to reach out to the organization streaming the event, their support email should be included in your email receipt or potentially on their website.

TIP: if you cannot find their email, feel free to email and we will do our best to forward you to the appropriate support address at the organization

You can contact Spiideo support at if you have questions or are experiencing issues with:

  1. Viewing your game(s)

  2. Purchasing your game(s)

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