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Learn to use Replay Pro

Learn how to operate and best utilise the Replay Pro tools during a live recording

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At this point, you have opened the ongoing game recording and are ready to officiate using Replay Pro!

Watch the above video for a complete walkthrough on the Replay Pro video player interface and tools

Replay Pro Web Player Overview

From the above image, the UI options are:

  1. Adjust your screen orientation to more than one camera view at once

  2. Cycle through available cameras on the scene

  3. List of all your create Replays and option to quickly cycle through Replays

  4. Video player controls to skip forward or back, play, pause and go to live

  5. Create new Replay

Create a Replay

Within the Replay Pro video player UI, pressing 'Replay' will begin the creation of a replay moment:

From the above image:

  1. This is the replay moment, you can drag each end of the section to change its duration.

  2. Done saves the replay moment once you have finished reviewing

  3. Creates a looping clip inside the replay moment for closer review

Creating a Loop inside your replay allows you to loop video for closer review:

You can drag the ends of a loop to adjust its duration

After pressing 'Done', this replay is now saved on this recording:

Have further questions about using Replay Pro? Reach out to Support via the chat!

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