This article will provide help to you as an admin adding new people to the Spiideo Play account of your club. Furthermore, it will teach you how to assign different level of access to each individual user as well as showing how to remove users that are no longer needed / part of the club.

  1. Where to find the "Member" section?

  2. What are the different level of access?

  3. How does this work?

Note: This is only available when opening Spiideo Play on your web browser

1. Where to find the "Member" section?

Login to your Spiideo Play account and the Member tab will show up in the menu on the left side of your screen.

2. What are the different level of access?

With user management, you can now manage the roles and permissions of users in your Spiideo Play account by clicking on the Members tab. There are 3 types of roles:

  • Administrators

  • Schedulers

  • Cloud Studio Operators

Administrators have full access to the account, can add/remove users, and have the same permissions as schedulers and CloudStudio operators.

Schedulers have the ability to schedule games and can also manage CloudStudio. Read more about Bulk Scheduling here.

CloudStudio Operators can only manage CloudStudio live during games. This is perfect for commentators doing live commentary and managing other things in CloudStudio such as the scoreboard or displaying graphics or advertisements in the broadcast.

3. How does this work?

  • insert email address

  • select the role

  • add the user

Tip: If no Spiideo user with that email address can be found, make sure the person has signed up and registered an account.

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