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Why did my payment not go through?

Declined transactions and failed payments

Updated over a week ago

Declined transactions and failed payments

Payments can fail for a variety of reasons and it’s frustrating when this happens. There are a number of reasons why a card could be declined. Many payments fail for good reason and do so to minimize the possibility of a fraudulent payment.

The five most frequent reasons

The following things helped other users to overcome similar situations when transactions got declined or payments failed.

  1. Double checking that the CVC is correct

  2. Checking whether card is opened for online and international payments

  3. Trying another card

  4. Try a different web browser - older web browsers that are not secure enough for making international payments may require to update the browser before purchase can be completed

  5. Last resort - you can call your credit card company and ask for support

Share information with us

If all else fails, please contact us via and let us know that you've tried all of these things and still are experiencing issues.

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