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Viewing your games - common questions and information
Creating your account in order to purchase and view games
Creating your account in order to purchase and view games

In order to view your games, you must register your Spiideo account

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In order to watch your games, you must first create your Spiideo account during the purchasing process:

  1. Find the Game or Game Package (i.e. tournament or season pass) with list of games to purchase your event. These links are often found on the website of the sports organization/company broadcasting the event, their social media channels, email campaign, or even a text/email from a friend/relative

  2. While purchasing a game or an entire package, you will be directed to the create your Spiideo account to access your games.

TIP: Always keep the game page saved as a bookmark for example, in order to come back whenever to want to continue watching your events.

This is how it looks like on web browser

When logging in or creating your Spiideo account, we support three ways to register/sign up:

  • Google account

  • Apple ID

  • Sign up with email

IMPORTANT: Whichever method you sign up, you must sign back in with the exact same method otherwise, you will not be able to access your games and may get an error message!

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