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Portable SmartCam Checklist
Portable SmartCam Checklist

A quick guide on everything you will need to do to be able to start a recording

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Make sure you can check off all of these points that apply to your setup, before using the Portable SmartCam. This is in order to ensure you have a smooth use experience each time


Before Heading to the Field

Getting to the Field

Spiideo App Configuration

Before Heading to the Field

  1. Have you conducted a practice 'Dry Run'?

    • Conduct a practice recording using this article in order to learn how to use the Portable SmartCam ahead of your first major recording

  2. Has the battery been fully charged?

    • Battery has a 5 hour charging time

    • Red light on charger indicates charging

    • Green/Blue light on charger indicates battery full

  3. Have you created your Spiideo account and been added to the team?

    • Create your account here

    • Ask team admin to add you to the team account

  4. Have you downloaded the Spiideo App on your Apple device?

    • Install the Spiideo App here

  5. Do you have recording access for the Portable SmartCam?

    • Learn how to grant recording access here

  6. Have you purchased a compatible stand?

    • Read our guide on compatible stands here

Getting to the field

Have you placed the stand and mounted the camera?

  • Stand should be 3-5 meters from the sideline

  • Stand should be in line with half-way line

  • Wait until fully connected in app to elevate the camera

  • Sunlight ☀️ = recommended to place like the above picture

  • A diagram to mounting the camera with the quick release can be found in our main guide here

  • Plug the blue cable into the socket on the case and the side of the camera

  • Switch the power on and allow the router time to boot up

  • The LEDs on the camera unit will turn on once the router and camera are connected (seen under Spiideo App Configuration)

Spiideo App Configuration

Have you connected the camera, router and network via your connection type

  • Open the Spiideo App, make sure it is up to date and location services are turned on (check by going settings > Spiideo App > Location services > Always on while using

  • Sign in to your account

  • Navigate to the Portable SmartCam setup menu on the left and begin connection

  • Camera and Router should connect automatically, then move on to your desired style of network connection:


  • Have you plugged the ethernet cable from your local router to the outside of the case (network socket)?

  • Have you configured the firewall correctly? Read here for instructions

  • Ethernet will automatically connect if an internet connection is present and the firewall is configured correctly

  • Have you tested your network speed? 15mbps is required for stable upload


  • Have you configured the firewall correctly? Read guide here

  • Have you tested your network speed? 15mbps is required for stable upload


  • Have you tested the sim is working in a mobile?

  • Have you entered the SIM pin code if any exists?

  • Have you got the required sized SIM card or SIM adaptor? Check requirements here

  • Have you inserted the SIM and then secured the cover back on the SIM slot?

  • Do you still have data available?

    NOTE: A 3G or slow connection will cause issues for the router and app


  • Do you have two devices? One for hotspot and one to operate the camera via the Spiideo App (REQUIRED)

  • Do you still have data available?

  • If you have an iPhone 12 or newer as the hotspot, is the Maximise Compatibility setting on? How to can be seen here

Once a network connection is made, the app should automatically connect to the Spiideo Cloud. If it does not, confirm your firewall is configured correctly and/or your connection is sufficient (at least 15mbps).

NOTE!: Please wait approximately 1 minute once connected in order to ensure:

  1. The network connection is stable

  2. The system can time sync with our cloud

Failure to do so can cause a failed recording

Elevate the Camera

You can now proceed to elevate the Portable SmartCam. Best practice for accurate Autofollow and safety is:

  • Maximum height of 6 meters

  • Recommended height of 5 meters

  • When windy, elevate to an appropriate for safety reasons

Calibrate the scene and start a new recording

  • Press start new recording

  • Calibrate the scene. A guide to this can be found here

  • Enter recording details and begin

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