A dry run is a great way to mitigate the risk of running into issues when you are recording a match or training session for the first time. Read this article to get to know all you need to know about technical requirements and how to test whether the camera connection works.

How to prepare the camera?

1. Supply with Power

2. Start then Spiideo App

3. Connect the Camera, Router and Network

4. Best Practice

Supply with power

Best practice is to make sure the battery is fully charged before going to the pitch. Simply connect the charger to the battery as shown in the picture. Plug in the battery charger to the port adjacent to the power switch, inside the case.

Fully charged, it will enable 4-5 hrs of operating time (time is depending on how you connect to the internet etc). Make sure to always fully charge the battery before you go out on the field to avoid disrupted recordings.

Tip: The battery is fully charged when the LED indicator turns blue on the charger.

Start the Spiideo app

After downloading the Spiideo iOS app from the Apple store please open it and sign in the same way you would do it on the web app.

Tip: If you are new to Spiideo Perform, you can create your account here

After you have been given recording access to the Portable SmartCam, you are good to go!

Not sure if you have recording access already? Please contact your account admin or send an email to support@spiideo.com. A guide can also be found here

Connect the camera, router and network

Now you can navigate to the menu on the left side of the Spiideo App and connect your Portable SmartCam, the steps to do so are as followed.

1. This is how you can connect the camera unit to the system/box.

  • Use the blue 10-meter cable, and attach it as shown in the picture below.

  • The cable should be connected to the contact marked "CAMERA" on the case.

Tip: The camera will show up in your account as soon as all the steps to connect have been completed.

2. Power on the router

  • Switch on the power switch inside the case to power up the router and camera.

  • Camera LED Guide:

  • TIP: The router and camera can take minutes to power on. The router will show an amber light when powering on and a green light when powered.

3. Connecting to a network

You should now choose the style of network connection you will be using most (or try all that you will be using if you have time!)

4G cellular

If you are planning on using 4G cellular please prepare by inserting the SIM card with a data plan in the router. A screwdriver will be needed (preferably magnetic) to remove the cover for the SIM and will need to secured down once the SIM is inserted.

Note: You might need to insert the card into a 2FF SIM card adapter first, before injecting it into the router.

What data package is required to upload using 4G cellular / SIM card?

It is fair to say that 60min of recording requires 5-10 GB data volume for upload. To have total flexibility we suggest an "unlimited" package which is available at the SIM card operator of your choice.

💁 ℹ️ Please make sure the SIM card can be used without a pin code!


Connecting to a network via Mobile Hotspot requires two devices. One to provide the hotspot connected and the second to use the Spiideo App (Note: the hotspot device does not need to be an iPhone). Follow the onscreen instructions in the Spiideo App after enable the mobile hotspot to connect. Please ensure your mobile connection is 4G.

Ethernet cable

You can also use a fixed cable connection via Ethernet. This is done by inserting an Ethernet cable with an internet connection into the contact marked "Network" as shown in the picture below. The system automatically detects it and connect when the power is turned on. No other configuration is needed.

Use the Wifi feature

Open the Portable SmartCam Setup on the iOS app. Select your Portable SmartCam and join the "PortableSmartCam1" network to connect your device with the camera. Start the Setup-Process.

Best practice

After you have successfully powered the camera, router and connected to a network, try to start a "New Recording" to see whether the camera is online and ready to go. If you have not yet been granted recording access to the Portable SmartCam, an admin for your account can do so by follow this guide. You will need recording access before you can start a recording.


Setting up your Portable SmartCam on the pitch


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