This article explains step-by-step how to get started with your Portable SmartCam. It is broken up into 4 sections:

  1. What's in the case?

  2. Before going out to the field

  3. Starting your first recording

  4. Viewing your first recording

📌 IMPORTANT: To mitigate any risk of issues while you are on-site, please read this article thoroughly to make sure you have everything setup correctly before starting your first recording. We also recommend reading through this guide on how to perform a 'dry run'

What's in the case?

Summary of parts

  1. The case that you use for transporting and storing the system

  2. Spiideo Camera unit that will be mounted on the stand and elevated (find examples of stands here)

  3. Router that will provide connectivity (you can connect via Ethernet, Wifi or 4G cellular)

  4. Battery to provide power for the Camera unit (2) and Router (3)

  5. Battery charger, to be used for the Battery (4)

  6. Ethernet cable (10m/33ft) that will be used to connect the Camera unit (2) with the rest of the system that will be on the ground.

  7. The quick-release base plate (with 3/8 UNC connector), that is used to connect the Camera unit (2) to the stand/tripod you are using

ℹ️ Please mind the important safety notes when setting up the camera on a stand.

Before going out to the field


Short description

STEP 1: Download the iOS app via the Apple app store

The iOS app (iPhone/iPad only) is where you will start your recordings

STEP 2: Get access to your account on

You'll need to be granted access by our team or your system administrator before you can start your first recording

STEP 3: Give yourself recording access on

Once you've been given access to your account, you will need to give yourself recording access via in the Scenes tab

Setting up the camera

Step 1: Prepare and Position

Position the stand 3-5 meters from the sideline, as close to the center line as possible.

Tip: Wait until camera, router and network are connected to elevate camera

Sunlight ☀️ = recommended to place like the above picture

Step 2: Mount and Secure

Mount the bottom part of the quick release plate (in picture) to the stand.

Attach the camera unit to the stand on top of the quick release plate. Secure the camera mounting to the stand by closing the lever on the quick release plate.

Step 3: Connect the Camera, Router and Network

Turn on the power switch inside the case. Give the router a few minutes to boot and begin to establish connection. You can see the status on the lights displayed on top of the router. The power light will be amber when it it starting and green when it is powered on.

Confirm via the Portable SmartCam option in the drop down of the Spiideo App that the camera and router have establish a connection. This can be seen on the app as this:

And on the camera itself via the LED lights. They represent this:

You are now ready to connect to your network and then the Spiideo Cloud via the following steps.

Connecting to Wi-Fi, 4G, or Ethernet

Once the camera is powered on and connected to the modem via the blue ethernet cable. Login to the Spiideo iOS app (iPhone/iPad), open the menu and select Portable SmartCam setup to connect.

💁 Note: When connecting the camera to the internet with mobile hotspot option, a second phone is required to get the best experience.

Possible setup:

  • One phone for sharing its internet connection via hotspot

  • A second device to start the recording and control it with the Spiideo App


  • Green flashing light = Camera is powered on and ready for you to connect it to the Spiideo cloud

  • Green solid light = Camera is connected and ready to start a recording

  • Red solid = Recording in progress

Calibrate the field

You start a recording with Spiideo Portable Smartcam by pressing "New recording" in the iOS app and select the corresponding scene. The first time you use the system at a new field or if you have moved it around you need to calibrate it before starting the recording.

This is done to inform the system about the layout and size of the playing field. The calibration is done by pressing the "Setup Camera" button, see pictures below. Here you also select what type of field you are making the recording on.

Note: If it instead says "Camera offline" this means that the camera is not visible to the Spiideo system (it takes usually 1-2 minutes after power-up before it appears)

When the setup process starts it will take 1-2 minutes before you get to the next part (setting the size of the field). In the last part of the calibration, you set the corners of the field like shown in the pictures below.

Once the calibration is done, you can finish entering the details for your recording and begin!

4. Viewing your first recording

Watching recordings with the Portable SmartCam is the same as any other camera system in Spiideo.

Below are some resources to help you view, share, tag, and edit recordings:

For any questions, you can read our Portable SmartCam troubleshooting FAQ. If you still have questions, you can contact our team via the support widget on (bottom right) and send us a message.

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