Saving time by using Spiideo video

We at Spiideo know that it is very important to streamline processes and save as much time as possible when working for elite teams and organisations. Therefore, our Spiideo Perform software provides several solutions that free up time and recourses of coaches and analysts during live and post-match analyses.

  1. Download video files

  2. Capture live video with RTSP

  3. Export and import data

  4. Best practice

IP capture using Spiideo camera systems

1. Download Video Files

Spiideo Autofollow and custom download

When a Spiideo recording is started the system can produce downloadable video files containing parts of a training/game as well as the entire recording. Such a download is available for different angles and across all camera models and can be imported into any additional video analyses tool. All downloadable files are encoded with H264 with 1080p resolution.

Spiideo's download options

  • Download an entire game/training with Autofollow

  • Create your own custom download

↪️ Read more about Autofollow download and custom download here

2. Capture LIVE Video with RTSP

What is RTSP and how is it related to IP capture?

With Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) you can stream directly from individual Spiideo cameras to any client software (such as MyVA, Sportscode, etc.) that is capable to handle this type of input stream. This is a feature in Spiideo, that will allow you to get access to each individual Spiideo camera while recording.

Because Spiideo's cameras send video via an IP network and allow you to capture the raw video feed from every single camera live with your video analyses tool, this is also referred to as IP capture.



In Sportscode for instance, this feature is available with Sportscode Elite (select Capture and the select IP Capture). MyVA also offers this capture technology from one or more cameras.

How do you send the camera's video feed to MyVA, Sportscode, etc?

1. First of all, make sure your computer is on the same network as the IP camera

  • Why is that important?

    • It makes it much easier to access the camera's image without the need to contact your IT department.

    • This will work for games that are not copied into your own Perform account via League Exchange or Game Exchange

  • Do you have further questions or cannot be on the same network?

    • Please let us know by sending us a message via the chat (bottom right corner) or dropping us an email at

2. To begin with, start a new recording with your Spiideo Perform account

3. Open LIVE Tagging and the recording details on the top right corner ℹ️

4. Manage recording by clicking on RTSP

➡️ Copy the URL and add username and password @ camera IP etc.

Similar to this:

rtsp:// username : password @ :554/axis-media/media.amp

  • 💁 no empty space between the symbols/characters

5. Insert the RTSP information into your IP capturing software

With MyVA for example, start capture using one or more IP cameras by adding their RTSP URL for the capture session

With Sportscode it looks a bit different, but adding their RTSP URL for the capture session works almost the same

Further help can be found on MyVA's and Sportscode's help pages

3. Export and Import Data

Export Spiideo tags

If you have tagged using Spiideo, those tags can also be exported as an XML file from Spiideo (in and then imported into Sportscode (or other tools capable of importing an XML file)

Import tags to Spiideo

Sportscode or MyVA tags (codes and labels) can be exported as XML file and then imported into Spiideo. The import is done on the web via (not available on IOS).

Tip: After syncing the tags (setting the corresponding start in the video for a tag with no start time, e.g. kick-off), they will appear in the Spiideo recording timeline in sync with the video.

⚠️ Note: Right now, the import of F24 files into Spiideo only works after transforming it to an XML file.

↪️ Read more about importing and syncing tags here

4. Best practice

By capturing video live or after the game via iPad and Blackmagic converter, you can even use Spiideo's panned, tilted and zoomed view in Sportscode.

Live capture of Spiideo video in Sportscode can be done by connecting the user’s iPad via a Blackmagic converter to the Mac. Everything displayed on the iPad screen will be displayed and captured in Sportscode. The Spiideo recording can be live or recorded in the past.

The user can use Autofollow™ freely pan, tilt and zoom in the Spiideo app on the iPad and the corresponding view will be captured by Sportscode. In addition, the user can change viewing angles in the Spiideo app. The Spiideo app on the iPad has a full-screen mode to ensure that only the video is captured by Sportscode.

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