Game exchange is a feature that allows a Spiideo user to share a recording with another Spiideo user from the same or a different Spiideo account.

  1. Important To Know

  2. How it works

Important To Know

Share "live" or later

The recording can be shared "live" while the recording is ongoing, or after it ended.

The sender needs to own the recording

Game exchange is a feature that allows a registered Spiideo user to share a recording that he/she owns with another registered Spiideo user.

The receiver needs to be a valid recipient

The receiving Spiideo user needs to be a member of the same or a different Spiideo account - i.e. another team/organization.

Furthermore, the user has to validate its user account by having recording access to at least one scene within a Spiideo account. This way the Spiideo system will recognise the user as trustworthy and proceed with exchanging games.

Trimmed recordings cannot be shared

Trimmed recordings can only be shared via game exchange when you edit them to be stored as full recordings. You can trim them after sharing again.

This is best used for:

  • Sharing a game with the team you are playing

  • Sharing a game with someone in your conference/league

  • Sharing a game with another Spiideo administrator for scouting purposes

A little advice on the go

Groups allow you to share recordings internally with users just within your organization. Please do not add someone from outside of your organization into one of your groups. This will give them access to your account. It's best to use Game Exchange to send them the recording instead!

It's also important to mention that Game Exchanging is producing a copy of the recording. All tags, comments, etc. that you make on the video will be private to your organization.

How it works

On the recordings list, you will see 3 dots next to the recording (on or the iOS app)

Select the 3 dots > Game Exchange Type in the email of the user > Send

NOTE: The email you enter, must be an administrator of their Spiideo account. If they are not an administrator, this will not work.

The user will receive an email where they can import the game into their Spiideo account!

When the user presses the link, the game will be copied and imported into there account, and available like any other game for sharing within the club, tagging, for presentations etc.

The links are personal to the user, and cannot be forwarded. In addition, the links expire after 5 days.

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