League exchange is a feature that makes it possible to access, share, and view (live or afterwards) across an entire league or conference.

Video can be shared via Spiideo camera systems live or uploaded video with any other type of camera. The video below provides an overview of how the Spiideo League Exchange works.

For more information:

  1. Sharing games to a League Exchange

  2. Copying (i.e. importing) games from an exchange to your team account

  3. Viewing games within a League Exchange

  4. Analyzing games from a League Exchange

  5. Accessing, viewing, and sharing with League Exchange on the iOS app

  6. League Exchange FAQs

1. Sharing games to a League Exchange

Any user that is part of the league can share recordings with that league. Usually, the sharing is done when the recording is started, but it can also be done after the game.

It is important to know that the one starting the recording, must also be the one to share it with the league.

NOTE: When sharing internally with a Group, all tags will be shared within that Group. For example, your coaching staff group. When you share the video externally within a league exchange, there will be no tags on the video. It is simply a copy of the original recording.

How it looks when sharing a new recording on the web app (app.spiideo.net)

How it looks when sharing a new recording on iOS

The most common way for teams to share recordings with the Spiideo camera system is via the Calendar tool. This way, they can schedule all the games to the exchange ahead of time and not need to worry about starting/stopping recordings. To do this:

  1. Go to the Calendar tab

  2. Schedule Recording

  3. Title the recording

  4. Share it internally with a Group

  5. Share it externally to a League Exchange

  6. Select date and time of game

  7. Make it downloadable

  8. Schedule Recording

Uploading a video to a League Exchange

If you are uploading footage (mp4) recorded with another camera, then you can upload and share in the same way.

NOTE: When uploading "non-Spiideo" footage, it will just be the raw feed of the game. You will not be able to pan and zoom around the field like with Spiideo camera systems.

2. Copying (i.e. importing) games from an exchange to your team account

All games within an exchange are stored on a separate League Exchange account. When you copy a recording from the exchange to your team account, it will count towards your storage quota.

To copy the league shared game recording to your own account, move the mouse pointer over the list item and select "Copy recording" from the menu. This will allow you to share it with your team (Group), create your own tags, make presentations etc.

3. Viewing games within a League Exchange

Select the Leagues tab on the menu bar and search for the games of interest.

You can watch directly in the League folder or copy the recording into your team account so you can share, tag, create presentations, etc.

When recordings are Live, the thumbnails will be bright red. You can watch any of these games live anywhere (you do not need to be on-site). This means you can remotely log into the games and tag remotely. Read more about that here.

4. Analyzing games from a League Exchange

After you've copied the recording and shared it with a specific Group, you and others are now free to start tagging/editing the recording. This can be done live or afterwards.

Copy recording > Select the Group you want to share it with > Recordings tab > Start viewing and tagging

PRO TIP: When the recording is shared with a particular group, this means you can have multiple people tagging on this game on their own devices and accounts. This is especially useful for live tagging since you will be able to pull up specific tags made by other members of your staff.

5. Accessing, viewing, and sharing with League Exchange on the iOS app

When a user is part of a league, a “League exchange” button will appear at the top of the Recordings tab in the iOS app.

  • If there are any live recordings ongoing in that league, also a “LIVE” indicator will be shown.

  • This will allow you to import while the recording is still ongoing (i.e. to get live access).

  • Pressing the League Exchange button will allow you to import a recording to your account (note that imported recordings will be counted on your storage quota).

  • When importing a recording you will first get a list of all the leagues you are part of (see pictures below).

  • Select the league from you wish to import the recordings.

  • Then you will see all any ongoing recordings in that league, as well as previous recordings.

  • Select the recording you wish to import by pressing it.

  • Now you will get the opportunity to make a copy of that recording, directly into your own Spiideo account (see below).

  • The recording can be shared internally with a group just as if you had started the recording yourself.

  • You can also change the name of the recording. Tags, comments will however not be copied from the source recording.

  • Any tags and comments you make, will not be shared outside of your account. I.e. it is only the video itself that is shared across accounts.

6. League Exchange FAQs

I am not seeing a Leagues tab on app.spiideo.net. Why is that?

Each user of a league exchange needs to be given access by Spiideo. If you do not have access send an email support@spiideo.com with the League you need access to and the team you are with so we can provide you and other staff members access.

Can I view games live in the exchange?

Yes! This is one of the unique parts of Spiideo and the exchange functionality. Wherever there are Spiideo cameras in your League, you can access and view those games live. This allows means teams can tag/edit/analyse live or immediately after the game.

Can I download games from the exchange?

On app.spiideo.net, you can go to the Leagues tab and click the downward arrow to download the game.

Will other teams see our tags?

No. All of your team's tags are only visible to the Group you shared them with internally. All video that has been shared to a league exchange is simply a copy of the original and no tags will ever be shared.

Do I need to be on-site to tag live?

You do not have to be on-site to live tag. You can log in to the exchange via app.spiideo.net and watch the game and tag on your laptop! Read more about that here.

Tip: Most teams will have someone on-site tag with an iPad but it is up to you!

Can I delete the game from my account after sharing it to a League Exchange?

Be aware that deleting a game that is shared to a League Exchange will remove it from the Exchange and no one will be able to access it.

Is it possible to trim a game that is shared to a League Exchange?

When a game is shared to League Exchange it is required to keep it stored as a full video and it cannot be trimmed.

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